Live Blogging


Intuitive Moderation

Take full control over your live blogging!

Easy access to all available moderation settings allows you to focus on what matters: Real-time engagement with your audience.

You will never feel overwhelmed again by the large number of incoming messages from your users. Livecaster's intuitive moderation makes it easier than ever to keep up with the flow, even when user engagement is high.

Livecaster intuitive moderation

Works on any platform

Optimized for performance

SEO Friendly

  • Configurable style
  • oEmbed support
  • Rest API

Create, Edit & Archive

View and manage your streams with ease from your dashboard. Create, Edit & Schedule your live sessions without a hassle.

Livecaster stream card

Get to know your audience

View detailed statistics on user engagement per stream. Filter out abusive messages from users by blocking them out of your sessions.


Use Cases

Made for publishers

Communicating with your audience in real-time is a perfect way to increase the engagement on your website. Publishers with high expectations trust Livecaster for their everyday live blogs and real-time coverage of important events.